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Hello I'm Jan Gruchow!

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Who am I?

I'm Jan, a Online Enthusiast

I've build my first website in 2003 and fell in love with the online world ever since. Over the years I've been helping companies as a freelancer and part-time employee with a wide variaty of topics. I invest every spare minute in building my own projects, learing new skills and testing new things.

Marketing Technology
(SEO, Data Driven Strategy, Automation, Bidding)


(Laravel / Wordpress / SQL)


Webdesign & Content


Social Media & Communication


Here's what I'm good at

These are the services I offer

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Buiding datadriven websites and webapps with Laravel

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Helping with solving problems and optimising processes throu tools, data an automation

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Optimizing your ROI with better reporting, bidding and analytics

Check out my Portfolio

Here's what I have done with the past

Project: personalized recommendation engine for movies
Description: personal pet project
Tech: Laravel
Link: comendo.me
Project: Advanced Email Validator API
Description: Verify if a email has a valid structure, is not a disposable email and the DSN points to a valid mailserver.
Tech: Laravel
Link: Rapid API
Project: Custom Job offer management system
Description: a job management system for multiple business locations, with application form, employees-refer-employees and Google jobs integration
Tech: WordPress, ACF, Elementor
Customer: DIM Industrieservice Nord
Project: Bidmanagement for Trivago
Description: Importing Campaign performance Data from Trivago FTP Server, load into a database and calculate new CPCs for all Hotels with a custom algorithm
Tech: PHP
Customer: TUI.com
Project: Monitoring of reporting data
Description: create and manage monitors to check if the reporting data in a snowflake database in within expected ranges. Send email alerts if not.
Tech: Laravel
Customer: TUI.com
Project: CRM for WordPress plugins
Description: Scraping the WordPress Plugin database. Quick-select plugin creators for potential giveaway sponsorships. Find contact information. Send half-automated outreach emails. Manage contact history.
Tech: Laravel
Link: wp deals
Project: Echtes Netz
Description: Amazon Affiliate Project
Tech: Wordpress
Link: echtesnetz.de
Project: Virtuelle Helfer
Description: VA Marketplace
Tech: Laravel
Link: neu.virtuelle-helfer.de

My Phone

(+49) 163 631 84 92

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My Address

Nie Dieck 6, 18182 Bentwisch, Germany